Beyond the Farms: Black Elderberry

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Black elderberry growing on a tree

Thousands of kilometers away from the alluvial valley of Factors Farms, there lays another fertile valley known as Styria. This region in Southeast Austria, also known as the Green Heart, is full of deep lakes, towering mountains, and wide lush fields. Here is where you will find the largest black elderberry cultivation in the world run by the Styrian Berry Cooperative. This is where the elderberry that we use in our Black Elderberry extract is carefully grown and harvested. 

At Natural Factors, we recognize that there are many amazing ingredients like elderberry that thrive in other parts of the world, and in these cases, we need to work with suppliers to ensure that we are providing you with the best ingredients the earth has to offer. When we look for supply partners, we not only look for the best and most innovative raw materials out there, but we also look for suppliers that align with our values. 

When searching for a premium elderberry extract to create our Black Elderberry immune support supplement, we found a kindred spirit in ElderCraft. ElderCraft works with the farmers of the Styrian Berry Cooperative to supply us only the highest quality berries. Just like Natural Factors, they believe in full involvement from field to shelf, and their vertical supply chain and commitment to traceability, sustainability, and adherence to strict regulations make them an ideal partner.

Like our team at Factors Farms, the Styrian Berry Cooperative values the science behind nature. Since the cooperative’s founding in 1962, their experienced farmers have collaborated with leading academic researchers and berry-growing experts to identify best practices with the potential to further strengthen key characteristics of their fruit. From a humble first harvest in 1976, they now grow over 8,000 tons of the finest elderberries each year. 

On Factors Farms, we only harvest plants that have reached their peak of potency to ensure only the best raw materials make it into the finished product. The Styrian Berry Cooperative takes a similar approach. Their premium berries are hand-harvested at the peak of freshness and are then gently processed by ElderCraft using a solvent-free process that ensures the final extract contains an active blend of anthocyanins, polysaccharides, and berry micronutrients. This standardized ElderCraft elderberry extract then goes into our Black Elderberry capsules and gummies to help support your healthy immune function. 

No matter where they come from, all our ingredients are sourced with extreme attention to detail. We take pride in knowing every detail from harvest to bottle to ensure you are receiving the purest and most effective products possible. 

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