Giving Back: Vitamin D

Natural Factors
Woman pouring vitamin D capsules into her hand

Caring about people comes naturally to everyone. But with the complex and busy lives we lead, it often requires ongoing and purposeful effort. At Natural Factors, it is our privilege to find creative and meaningful ways to show people we care.

We are proud to say that through vitamin D donations, we have helped infants and children across the country have a nourishing start to their lives.

Did you know that over 70% of Canadians are Vitamin D deficient?

Having adequate vitamin levels is important to people of all ages, but vitamin D is particularly important for babies and infants.  Sadly, about 45% of infants are at risk of being deficient in this essential vitamin.  This can be dangerous for growing bodies as vitamin D helps babies absorb calcium and phosphorus. Too little of this crucial nutrient can cause softening and weakening of their bones.

 Since 2019, we have donated vitamin D to various community outreach programs, from midwives working with new parents to community health clinics working to improve access to healthcare across the country. We are proud that the products we make can help positively impact the lives of those in our local communities. 

Here at Natural Factors, we realize the importance of nourishing the most vulnerable and we know that through small acts of community we have the power to change the health of many. Our continued commitment to caring for our community is at the heart of everything we do. 

Natural Factors
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